The ‘Path to Purchase for International Flights’ According to Australian Research by Google

April 2018

Think With Google has released some interesting research that highlights the nuances and challenges of marketing to traveller’s in the modern digital era. Our key takeaways are:

  1. Planning travel is a long and complex process involving multiple online touchpoints – suppliers need to be present at key moments of intent
  2. Mobile is a key channel for research but has a relatively low conversion rate when compared to web and offline channels, but suppliers should not underestimate it’s importance in the final purchase decision
  3. Loyalty is less important than other factors when selecting which airline to travel with for 87% of people, therefore airlines need to make sure they are selectively targeting travellers based on their needs in order to achieve cut-through and get results in a highly competitive market

(Source: Google/GfK, “International Flight Cross-Device Clickstream Study,” August–October 2016, n=616 Australians in the market for an international flight, 18–80 years)

The article concludes that airlines need to ‘understand and adapt to become travellers’ first choice’. East2 understands the challenges airlines face in selling to travellers within a fragmented and highly-competitive retail environment. Profiling travellers based on their needs and demographic information, leveraging intent and providing a relevant and bespoke product offering are crucial strategies for airlines to remain connected to travellers and provide value.

Current attempts at data-mining and automation to better understand the customer journey are lacklustre and fraught with challenges. East2’s Phoenix platform offers airlines the opportunity to engage directly with their travellers according to their intent, provide personalised offers and gain a competitive advantage through advanced retailing that puts travellers at the centre of the search and transaction model.

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