East2 Optimises Traveller Engagement With Smart Digital Solution That Leverages Traveller Intent

March 2018

Research by Travelport Digital confirms what is already common knowledge amongst today’s leading travel brands – travellers prefer apps to web for search and booking. In the age of ‘innovate or die’ brands know that in order to remain relevant and competitive they must offer travellers much more than just basic search and booking functionality. Engagement drives success, and travel apps provide the ideal platform for brands to deliver a superior customer experience beyond booking to include value add experiences, from the beginning of their journey right through to the end.

Apps can offer travellers a better overall user experience – faster and more personalised with advanced features and functionality. The ability to provide for example real-time updates, location-based offers, exclusive promotional content and the convenient, secure storage of important travel documents are some common and effective ways to increase traveller interaction and engagement. Another key drawcard is the ability to enhance the loyalty proposition through automation of basic functions and more opportunities to personalise the traveller experience.

The ultimate opportunity on offer for those who invest strategically into app solutions for clients? ‘Travel brands that can match their app experience to consumer expectations will drive more bookings, add more ancillaries and create longer-term value’ says David MacHale, Digital Marketing Director at Travelport Digital.

East2 co-founder Stephen Bartlett-Bragg comments ‘I support many of the views in this article including the value of engagement possible through apps, however a key element that needs considering is the fact that apps generally take their users down a pre-determined process funnel. There is an opportunity to allow apps to be more driven by the users intent.’

This value is reflected in the architecture and design of East2’s platform solution. The Phoenix core ancillary marketplace and rewards module integrates with the Triplake UI to deliver a one-of-a-kind digital booking experience that is optimised toward traveller engagement by capitalising on user intent through every step of the journey. Dynamic delivery of unique content, an incentivised rewards program and best-in-class UX design that can be optimised across all digital channels are just some of the product features that will make the digital experience superior for travellers.

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